Fresh Turkey

If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call. Turkey meat platters, special dinners, roasted turkey, roasted turkey breast, ½ turkeys, large and small chickens are available upon request.

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Order Ahead - Call Us At 978.686.4075 -or- 978.686.2162

Please call a day in advance for special roasting orders or special dinners. For Thanksgiving and Christmas orders, please call as far in advance as possible.

To place an order for a fresh, frozen or roasted turkey, please order within a 3 pound weight range. We take orders on a turkey size of 12-14 pounds, (we rarely have anything smaller) up to 30+ pounds. When ordering a turkey, we recommend estimating a serving size of one pound per person for a sit down meal, assuming no leftovers. However, depending on appetites, you may want to adjust the poundage.


Fresh or Frozen Turkey


Roasted and Stuffed


Fresh Turkey Breast


Roast Turkey Breast/Stuffed


Fresh Boned and Rolled Turkey


Fresh Boned and Rolled Turkey Breast


Roast Boned and Rolled Turkey or Turkey Breast


(all turkey parts available upon request)






Boneless Stuffed Chicken Breasts


Small Roast Chicken - stuffed


Large Roast Chicken - stuffed

$ 10.00 + $ 2.09/lb





White Sliced Turkey Meat


White Chunk Turkey


Mixed Dark and White Meat Chunk Turkey


Dark Sliced Turkey Meat

$ 8.99/lb

Dark Chunk Turkey


Turkey Salad


Boars Head American Cheese

$ 6.09/lb

Boars Head Low Sodium Ham

$ 8.09/lb

Boars Head Londonport Roast Beef

$ 9.09/lb











To complement your turkey, view our homemade fixings.