Baked Goods

Coffee Cakes

Whoopie Pies

Bread and Rolls

Blueberry $5.99 each
Cranberry-Orange Nut $5.99 each
Triple Berry $5.99 each
Cinnamon $5.99 each
Banana Nut $5.99 each
Zucchini Walnut $5.99 each
Apple Caramel $5.99 each
Lemon $5.99 each
Peach $5.99 each
Pumpkin $5.99 each
Chocolate $3.50 each
Pumpkin $3.50 each

Other Treats

Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.99 each
Miss Bailey's Apple Crisp $10.00

Corn Bread

Large $4.99
Small $2.50
Scali Bread $4.00
Sub Rolls $3.50
Wheat Sub Rolls $4.00
Small White Dinner Rolls $2.00
Small Wheat Dinner Rolls $2.25

We carry a wide variety of baked goods at our store.  We offer many different flavors of our wonderful coffee cakes as well as corn bread, whoopie pies and cookies.   Don’t really have a sweet tooth?   We also carry some rolls and bread.  Please feel free to call before you come down to make sure we have exactly what you are looking for.