Side Dishes



The Starch

Gravy $4.25 Pint
Gravy $8.50 Quart
Giblet Gravy $4.75 Pint
Butternut Squash $4.50 Pint
Butternut Squash $9.00 Quart
Turnip $4.50 Pint
Cranberry-Orange Relish $3.50 1/2 Pint
Bread Stuffing $4.25 Pint
Bread Stuffing $8.50 Quart
Mashed Potatoes $3.99/lb


Need more than just the turkey or a pie?   We have all the sides you need to make the perfect dinner.   Whether it’s a Thanksgiving feast or just a family dinner we have it all!   Come in today to pick up that PERFECT meal.  Prices are subject to change without notification.